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A Magnificent Potion – Chamomile Tea

In the event that you normally drink chamomile tea, you can stop the development of cancer and make it simple to treat it, American researchers state.

In the chamomile tea, there is a fusion called apigenin that acts against cancer cells.

Researchers from Ohio University have set up that apigenin can square bosom cancer cells’ capacities to live longer than typical cells, and keeps their spread, making them increasingly helpless to medicate treatment.

Chamomile, parsley and celery tea are the best sources of apigenin, but this fusion can be found in fruits and vegetables that are common in the Mediterranean diet.

Apigenin additionally acts against irritation, and enables proteins to address the variations from the norm of RNA atoms that are transporters of hereditary data – causing about 80% cancer.

Molecular geneticist Professor Andrea Doseff of Ohio University says: We know that we need to eat well, but in a number of cases we do not know the exact reason why it’s healthy, that is, how exactly it works on the body. Here we see that the mentioned compound acts useful to the proteins in the body. We think that this action of specific proteins can be of great value as prevention against cancer.

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