Raspberries Protect The Heart And Cleanse The Skin

Raspberries are appreciated all over the world, as valuable fruits in the food industry. Notwithstanding, raspberries is increasingly more prone to discover her place in medication and beauty care products.  It contains sugars (glucose, fructose, sucrose), natural acids (elagic, malic, citrus, salicylic) basic oils, powder and tannins, vitamin C and E. Because of all of this, raspberries in many countries are used in case of diarrhea and eczema, and the extract of the fruit acts against viruses. The extract also activates the pancreas to protect the insulin, which reduces blood sugar.

Lately, malignant cells have been studying the effects of raspberries because it has been established that elaginic acid, which is present in large quantities in the seeds of this fruit, prevents the spread of cancer cells. At the same time it prevents DNA damage and does not affect the normal cells responsible for the immune defense of the organism. In order to achieve preventive care against malignant diseases, you should enter 130 grams of this fruit every day in your body, advise experts. Certainly in a therapeutic sense it can not replace the drug, but it can act preventively.

From the dried fruits of raspberries you can get ready quality vitamin tea. For tea should stand three tablespoons of dry natural product from this fruit, two decilitres of warm water, just as vanilla, cloves and ginger. It is prepared so that the dry raspberries are put in heated water and boiled for five minutes, and then left to hold for ten minutes.

Traditional medicine has since quite a while ago encouraged to eat raspberries since they effectively lessen the fever, invigorate perspiring, scrub the bile, energize the expulsion of kidney sands, reinforce resistance and heart, and standardize blood checks.

In cosmetic terms, the fruit is especially effective in oily skin, and with the addition of the appropriate herbal oils it is used for dry, sensitive, mature and damaged skin. The richness with vitamin C and elegic acid, provides chemical and mechanical peeling, and serves as a bleaching agent.

For efficient massage, crisp raspberries are required, where all fruits ought to be pressed in a plastic sack. Melt immediately before using the room temperature and well crushed with a wooden object to get a compact mass.

During the massage the raspberries mechanically remove dead cells. In order for the experience to be complete, the massage room can be decorated with scented candles with raspberry extract. The smell of raspberry is important because it acts calmly to the whole organism and removes nervousness. The tired organism returns energy and accelerates recovery from fatigue. After the massage of the skin, packing of the crushed raspberries is added with the addition of a few drops of essential oil and leave to stand for another 20 minutes.

Tea from a raspberry leaf is additionally used to flush the mouth that is under the irritation and sore throat. This tea is viable for ceasing looseness of the bowels, and it is great as a substitute for Indian, Georgian and Russian tea.

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