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Truths And Misconceptions About Brown Sugar

Lately, brown sugar is increasingly sought after because it is thought to be greeting bloody sugar, which belongs to the notorious group of “white killers”: white sugar, white flour, salt, swine fat. Brown sugar is multiple times more costly than white sugar, and is it so a lot more healthier?


Brown sugar has less energy esteem and in this manner less fat than white sugar.


A similar element of both white and brown sugar is sucrose – basic sugar, and its exorbitant utilization harms health. Both types of sugar are equally obese and the delusion is that the brown sugar has less caloric value.

Warning:However, new research suggests that sugar is not only the cause of obesity but also excessive intake of food in general – especially fat (fatty meat and dairy products with high fat content and excessive use of fat and oil when frying dishes).

Preference should be given to complex carbohydrates (from fruits, vegetables, whole grains) which, as a whole, should be taken too little. Men need more than 40% and women over 45% carbohydrates in the meal.

What is good and what’s not so good about brown sugar


Brown sugar is more normal than white, since it is some sort of semi-item contrasted with refined white sugar.

Not really good

Brown sugar is produced from the brown shrup and on its surface and inside the crystal net contains a certain amount of substances from molasses – therefore it is considered more natural. It is essentially a semi-product, and it is therefore not justifiable to be much more expensive than refined sugar, for which production takes more time and energy, which is dictated by the price. In addition, it is known that there are often surrogates of healthy or healthier groceries in our market: not just to stain the bread and bakery (to look like black, integral), but also sugar. Therefore, it may happen that the brown sugar is essentially white which is painted.


Brown sugar has more valuable fixings than white, which makes up just sucrose (simple sugar). Brown sugar, for instance, contains minerals (potassium, sodium), some B-gather nutrients, and a little measure of protein and natural bases.

Not really good

Brown sugar really contains more nutritious ingredients, but in so small a quantity that they do not have any great significance. Brown sugar however has a better taste than white because it contains a caramelized scrub that has a pleasant taste. As indicated by the energy esteem and piece of starches, white and brown sugar don’t vary. White sugar is created from sugar beet, while brown sugar is delivered from sugar stick, however both comprise of sucrose. Sucrose is destructive in inordinate sums, of any starting point.


It is a mistake that the brown sugar is much healthier than the white one. This feature is obtained by skillfully designed marketing. It is better to use the diet as a substitute for sugar: maltex, natural honey, dried fruit.

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