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With Just Two Ingredients, You Can Remove Dangerous Mold and Unpleasant Odours From Your Washing Machine

Your washing machine, like any other machine, has to be cleaned on a regular basis.

So, if you detect black stains between its rubber rings, or if these stains emerge in the washing powder section, or if your clothes begin to smell unpleasant after washing, it’s time to clean it.

Aside from the poor quality of the washing process, your washing machine includes a dangerous fungus that causes a variety of ailments.

High humidity and heat are good conditions for the growth of mould, therefore your bathroom is ideal for the development of fungal spores, which swiftly spread through the air and can nest on various surfaces.

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Therefore, today we will suggest an easy way to eliminate the dangerous fungus from your washing machine.

All you need in order to clean it is the following:

  • 25 gr salt of lemon or potassium hydrogen oxalate
  • a liquid cleaning detergent (is possible, to contain chlorine)
  • a sponge
  • gloves


Wipe the inside of the washing machine with tissues to remove any dirt buildup. Then, evenly distribute the cleaning detergent over the rubber rings. Then, leave it to work for a few hours before closing the machine door.

After that, activate the ‘rinse’ programme. Add the lemon salt to the washing powder section and start the washing machine at the maximum setting.

The results will wow you! Your washing machine will look brand new! If necessary, repeat the entire technique the next month to entirely eliminate mould.

Furthermore, remember to always leave the door open after a wash cycle to prevent mould and bacteria.

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