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Simple And Effective ‘Spine Line’ Foot Massage to Reverse Back Pain Fast

A foot massage appears to be effective in relieving back discomfort.

According to the Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research, this massage greatly reduced the nurses’ back pain.

The study included 50 female and male nurses who were suffering from chronic lower back pain. These patients went through massage treatments that lasted 40 minutes three times a week for two weeks.

Furthermore, half of the participants received reflexology massages, which targeted specific body regions associated with back pain, while the other half received general massages.

At the end of the study, participants who received reflexology massages reported considerably less discomfort than the other group. Nonetheless, all individuals felt relief in their lower backs.

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This study shown that any sort of massage can relieve lower back pain, but the reduction can be substantially greater if the patient is treated with massages that target specific body areas associated with lower back pain.

Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that there is a link between back discomfort, body posture, and foot health.

Our feet contain multiple pain sites associated to lower back discomfort, and massage can help relieve back pain and stiffness. It works equally well whether you massage them or someone else massages you. Furthermore, the effects might be noticed even after the first massage.

As a result, you should do this foot massage 10-20 minutes each day, 2-3 times per week.

How to do the foot massage:

If you’re just starting off, start with the place on your foot that corresponds to your spine. So, cross your legs and take one foot in your hand while sitting on the floor. The spine’s projection is the line in the inner foot bow that runs between the heel and the big toe.

Visualise the line as your spine, and identify the lumbar, thoracic, coccyx, sacrum, and cervical segments.

Press the points on your foot with your fingertips, working your way from the heel to the toe. This massage will successfully ease your back pain and stiffness.

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