Your Microwave Has Never Been This Clean! A Lemon Is All You Need! No Scrubbing!

All of you who own a microwave are aware that it is frequently used, but the cleaning process is far from enjoyable!

Despite your scouring and scraping, it is simply too difficult to manage and clean all of the mess within, the spills and baked-on splatters. No matter how long you put off cleaning it, it is ultimately your responsibility, and you must find a way to clean it correctly.

This, however, will no longer be your nightmare! Specifically, we will disclose an easy and straightforward method for making microwave cleaning a breeze!

Furthermore, unlike past methods, our method does not require scrubbing or scraping, and you will absolutely avoid the hazardous effects of chemicals.

You’ll need lemon juice or vinegar, water, and a bowl. And here’s a more in-depth explanation of the method:

In a small microwave bowl, squeeze some lemon juice (approximately 1/8 or 1/4 cup). Then, half-fill the basin with water. If your lemons are fresh, squeeze their juice but leave them in the bowl as well for the greatest results.

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Then, set the bowl in the microwave for 5 minutes at a higher temperature. Then turn it off, but leave the bowl inside for a few minutes to let the steam to finish its work.

Remove the bowl, but be careful because it is hot.

If your microwave has a spinning plate, take it out, remove it, and thoroughly clean it down; you will notice that the grease is easily removed.

If there is still a tough spot that has not been cleaned, you may either repeat the process or place a cloth soaked in the lemon solution over it for 30 seconds before cleaning it.

The method we recommended will make cleaning your microwave a simple and quick habit! This inexpensive, natural, and simple solution will restore the lustre to your microwave!

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