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This Hormone is the Reason Why You Can’t Lose Weight, Read How to Fix This Problem

If you keep attempting to lose weight but no adjustment in diet or strenuous exercise yields obvious results, the hormone leptin may be to blame.

This hormone is secreted by your cells and serves the primary purpose of balancing your body weight and energy levels. Leptin serves its purpose. In two ways: by signalling to your brain when it is time to quit eating, and by activating fatty tissue to burn energy.

As you gain weight, your body produces more leptin in the bloodstream to maintain balance by activating fatty tissue to burn extra fat. Nonetheless, it appears that the hormone is malfunctioning. To be more specific, many overweight persons have developed leptin resistance.

Reasons For Leptin Resistance

When the body is exposed to high leptin levels for an extended length of time, it loses leptin sensitivity. This is due to the brain’s refusal to listen when leptin instructs it to halt eating or speed up metabolism.

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This condition in the body makes reducing weight and maintaining a healthy rate of metabolism challenging. Furthermore, leptin resistance increases the risk of chronic illness by creating excess stomach fat and inflammation.

Crash diets can also result in leptin resistance. Some people make the mistake of dramatically lowering their calorie intake in attempt to lose weight quickly. However, this poses issues since it stimulates leptin to respond by signalling the brain that more food is required. As a result, it is usually a good idea to avoid these types of diets because they frequently fail to achieve the expected outcomes and cause more harm than good.

The third reason of leptin resistance is the regular use of processed foods. These dangerous foods include refined carbs, sugary foods, high fructose corn syrup, and high fat foods.

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