Cherimoya – South American Bomb: Possibly the World’s Healthiest Fruit!

Cherimoya, often known as the South American bomb, is thought to be the world’s healthiest fruit. It dates back to the Inca Empire, when it was only available to the emperors.

Cherimoya grows at an altitude of 1500 metres in the Andes valley, from Colombia to Peru. It has spread to other warmer places of the world, including Israel, Chile, California, Spain, Brazil, and Mexico, because it can endure lower temperatures.

It can reach a height of 8 metres. It has prickly, yellow-green skin that surrounds white flesh on the inside. Because they are toxic, the seeds contained inside the fruit (approximately 10-20) are not edible.

Cherimoya is high in nutrients and carbs. It is also high in vitamin C, B1, B2, calcium, iron, and phosphorus. This fruit can aid in the treatment of bladder and kidney irritation.

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The fruit is split in half before eating, and the meat is consumed with a spoon. It tastes like coconut, pineapple, banana, and papaya. The flavour can be enhanced with lime juice, although it is generally best not to add anything to savour the unusual flavour.

The fruit should not be kept in the refrigerator and should be consumed right away. It cannot withstand temperatures below 14 degrees. Furthermore, you can use this amazing fruit as an addition to various salads or as a side dish.

When ripe, cherimoya, like avocado and kiwi, yields to finger pressure. Because cherimoya fruits mature at room temperature in the sun, they are collected when they are hard. Always avoid purchasing smashed or discoloured fruits, as they indicate the end of their shelf life.

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