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Effective And Free: Japanese Method For Weight Loss

The Japanese have several weight loss methods, all of which are basic but effective. We don’t have enough time in our modern lives to follow a diet and exercise routine, so we gain weight and our appetite grows along with it.

In this stage, we resort to mystical drugs and potions that will burn our fat for us due to a lack of time and energy. Or we merely fantasise about a magic method that will allow us to lose weight without exerting any effort.

Dr Fukucudzi, a Japanese doctor, appears to have discovered the latter’s clue. Dr. Fukucudzi has been assisting people struggling with their weight for over a decade and has developed a weight loss approach that does not require dieting, intense exercise, or money; all you need to do is lie down and do nothing. Isn’t it unbelievable?

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You will need:

  • Flat surface.
  • A large cloth ( or a towel)
  • A good strap.
  • 5 minutes a day.


To begin, roll the fabric (towel) in the following dimensions: 40cm long, 7-10cm thick, and strap prevent it from unwrapping.

Then, lie down on a flat surface, such as the floor or a bed, and place a towel beneath your low back, right below your navel.

Maintain a 20-25cm gap between your heels and your shoulders, with your thumbs touching.

This position is not easy to keep, despite its appearance. If staying in this position for five minutes causes you pain, gradually extend your time until you reach five minutes.

To attain the desired effects, tighten your tummy and burn excess fat, you must be consistent even if the workout produces some discomfort.

Note: Be cautious that while you’re doing the exercise, your bones and joints are distorted a little.

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