How To Prevent Aging Of The Neck Skin?

Women who spend thousands of dollars a month on face care products and makeup to hide their defects frequently forget that age is first visible on the neck and hands. So, whether you’re 19 or 39, start taking care of your neck today.

What can you do to keep your neck looking youthful?

Neck skin care

It is not required to purchase a specific neck cream, but it is necessary to apply cream to that area on a daily basis. When applying the cream to the face in the morning and evening, don’t forget to carefully apply the same cream to the neck. To avoid pulling the skin down, always use delicate strokes from the bottom up (from the neckline to the chin).

Neck exercise

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This exercise can help you strengthen your neck and avoid the formation of a chin (or soften one that currently exists). Turn your head up and pretend to kiss the ceiling with your lips by pressing your lips together in a kiss posture. You will feel a tiny tightness in the neck area, which will help to strengthen it. Repeat the workout at least 20 times every day.

Correct posture

If you are always leaned over and your chin practically touches your cheekbone for the majority of the day, you will cause wrinkles to emerge sooner. Maintain a straight face.

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