The Stickers On The Bananas Are Not There By Chance, And A NUMBER Is Very Important

Nowadays, it is normal for fruits to have stickers, mostly in supermarkets, and people usually take them off before eating and don’t pay much attention, and for the most part, it is merely the name of the producer.

They can, however, convey a vital message. In addition to the producer’s name, the quality requirements require that the declarations include statistics that first disclose how the fruit was grown.

Four numbers on the sticker

If you notice four numerals beginning with the number three or four on the declaration next to the producer’s name, that banana (or any other food) was grown with synthetic fertilisers. Lemons, for example, are labelled with the number 4033, but bananas are labelled with the number 4011.

Five numbers

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And if you see a declaration with five numbers on it, the first of which is number 9, know that it is organic, or that it has not been treated with chemicals and has been cultivated naturally.

The first number is eight

The number eight in the declaration gives a strong warning signal: such product is genetically modified (GMO). The code for these bananas is 84011. GMOs, by the way, are creatures whose genetic material has been altered by various methods of genetic engineering, most commonly by introducing a portion of one organism’s genetic material (DNA) into the DNA of another.

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