Why Do Our Joints And Bones Hurt When The Weather Changes?

TEMPERATURES are decreasing, which is causing health issues for certain people. In addition to causing colds, changes in the weather aggravate joint and bone discomfort in certain people. Doctors are still baffled as to why this occurs.

Temperature fluctuations linked with precipitation may cause changes in the connective tissue covering known as the periosteum in Latin.

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“When muscles and joints cool down,” says medical consultant Leanne Poston, “the fluid around the joints and tendons thickens, causing us to feel stiff.” Another notion is that the pain is caused by a drop in atmospheric pressure caused by increased humidity.

Several studies in recent years have suggested that environmental variables influence the start of joint pain, but Harvard researchers have denied that link. However, it continues to pique scientists’ curiosity to the point where there is a separate field dealing with it, known as medical biometeorology.

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