Make Your Own Syrup Against Colds And Flu

Don’t waste money on pricey cold remedies and drugs when you can prepare a syrup at home that is far more effective than any medicine.

The weather is becoming cooler, and so are the irritating colds. This folk treatment involves only three ingredients and can be made quickly and easily.

Cut the lemon and ginger into slices and place them in a jar, leaving a small space at the top, then pour honey over them, filling the jar. Place the jar in the refrigerator to let the ingredients to combine.

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You can drink the syrup directly – one teaspoon before breakfast – or with chilled tea, by adding it to your favourite tea after it has cooled slightly to avoid destroying the beneficial elements in the hot water from the tea.

This syrup is antibacterial and extremely efficient against colds and flu. It is very effective for sore throats, and those who have tried it believe that no other treatment compares.

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