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Poor Circulation Or…? What Cold Feet Say About Our Health

Are your feet frequently cold? This condition might be caused by cold winter weather, but it can also indicate that you have some health issues.

While cold feet may be a typical bodily reaction for some, cold feet may also have a hereditary aspect, that is, it may be a hereditary feature, according to some specialists. However, cold feet are frequently an indication of certain diseases and health problems, the most prevalent of which are impaired circulation in the extremities or nerve damage.

According to Dr. Dina Gohil, cold feet might be a sign of poor circulation, anaemia, diabetes, hypothyroidism, and other less serious illnesses.

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“When we say that cold feet are a result of poor circulation, it means that warm blood is not flowing to the feet, and they are inevitably colder than the rest of the body,” Dr. Gohil adds.

She goes on to say that if this happens frequently, we should consult a doctor.

To warm the feet and relieve this condition, she recommends the following methods:

  • foot massage to stimulate circulation
  • wearing warm socks
  • wearing shoes that retain heat
  • using hot water bottles for the feet
  • using finger warmers
  • reduced caffeine intake

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