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What To Do First When You Step On A Sea Urchin: Here’s How To Remove The Spines Yourself If There’s No DOCTOR Nearby

The beautiful salt sea has many inhabitants that we can run into, especially in the shallows. Parents who go on vacation with their children have special caution and fear.

One of the inhabitants are sea urchins, which can ruin your holiday if you step on them. They are typically found on rocks and stones along the water’s edge. They are spherical in appearance and have spines covering their entire body. The issue develops when we tread on them, and the sting is unpleasant – it is painful, the skin turns red, and swelling may occur. People are most commonly poked on the feet, although the legs and hands are not immune.

If you are not obliged to remove the spines, you should not do so since they may shatter and leave little portions in the leg that are difficult to remove. The needles will naturally fall out of the skin in 90% of cases within 2-3 days, however it is best to remove them as quickly as possible to avoid an inflammatory reaction to the foreign body.

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Dr. Vesna Lamer, a dermatology specialist, recommends first seeking the assistance of a doctor, if one is available, who will professionally remove the spines. You’ll have to pull them out yourself if the doctor isn’t available. According to this doctor’s experience, it is simplest to withdraw the needles from the leg 2-3 days after the accident. However, because walking is uncomfortable, most individuals remove them quickly. Analgesics and cold compresses are useful until the needles are removed.

If it doesn’t work, immerse your feet in a basin of warm water and vinegar. The vinegar will soften the skin, open the pores, and cause the little pimples to appear.

How to remove spines from a sea urchin yourself:

When removing spines, you will need first aid supplies such as sterile tweezers, a sterile needle, antibiotic ointment, and alcohol, as well as the ability to wash the affected leg with salt water (not sea water) or vinegar. Acetic acid dissolves sea urchin needles, which are formed of calcium carbonate. Using the needle, try to press the thorn out, then carefully pull it out with tweezers.

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