One Glass Of Alcohol A Day Wreaks Havoc On The Body, Here’s What It Does To Your Health

According to new research, just one alcoholic drink per day can induce a rise in blood pressure, according to the German news agency dpa.

Scientists advise people should avoid alcohol entirely after discovering that even little doses of alcohol can elevate blood pressure.

While heavy drinkers experienced the greatest elevation in blood pressure, the worldwide scientific team was “surprised” to discover that even a tiny amount of alcohol had an effect.

High blood pressure puts additional demand on the blood vessels, heart, and other organs such as the brain, kidneys, and eyes.

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Long-term high blood pressure can cause a variety of major health issues, such as heart attack, stroke, and vascular dementia. Although drugs can help, lifestyle adjustments such as regular exercise, weight loss, and limiting caffeine, alcohol, and salt consumption can also help decrease blood pressure.

Scientists evaluated data from seven international research on alcohol use and high blood pressure in the new study, which was published in the American Heart Association journal Hypertension.

Over the course of five years, more than 19,548 persons from the United States, South Korea, and Japan took part in these studies. At the outset of each survey, participants’ usual alcohol intake was recorded, and the analysis was focused on grammes of alcohol drank rather than the number of drinks consumed.

Even those who drank one alcoholic beverage per day had higher blood pressure than non-drinkers.

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