Goodbye Osteoporosis: Four Top Tips to Keep Your Bones Healthy and Feel Younger

Our bones weaken with age and are frequently the major adversary in the struggle against the health of persons in their sixth decade of life. As a result, these ideas on how to retain strong bones will be quite beneficial and will transform your existing lifestyle.

Get rid of excess weight

Excess body weight is extremely damaging to bones, particularly in the lower body. However, being too thin is also harmful. People who weigh less than 49 kg are more likely to develop osteoporosis.

Reduce your protein intake

It is advised that 1 g of protein be consumed for every kilogram of body weight, however many people exceed this figure and even double it, which has a negative impact on health. Excessive protein consumption promotes calcium excretion through the urine, affecting bone health.

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Careful with minerals

Especially with sodium and phosphorus consumption, because the amount of these minerals is inversely related to calcium absorption. Consume salt in moderation and avoid phosphorus-rich meals (such as sodas), as both phosphorus and salt make calcium absorption difficult, which can affect bone health.

Learn more about calcium

In calcium-containing diets, the percentage of involvement is essential, but so is the power of absorption, which is just 5% in some plant foods but up to 30% in some vitamin D-rich foods like milk. The World Health Organisation recommends 1000 to 1500 mg of calcium per day for healthy persons to avoid osteoporosis (depending on gender, age, pregnancy, and other variables).

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