Eliminate Nicotine From The Body With The Help Of These Foods

Smoking affects the amount of vitamin C, E, and A in the body. These vitamins can protect your lungs from damage, so make sure to incorporate these vitamin C and E-rich foods in your diet after you quit smoking.

You must consume these foods in order for them to flush the nicotine from your system.


This green vegetable is high in vitamin C and B5. Smoking depletes the body’s supply of vitamin C. So, eat broccoli to get nicotine out of your system. They also aid in weight loss and are beneficial to pregnant women.


Vitamin C is abundant in orange juice. If you eat oranges on a daily basis, you can boost your metabolism and reduce stress.

Carrot juice

If you let go, you should be aware that nicotine remains in the body for three days. Nicotine harms your skin if you smoke. Carrot juice is healthy for the skin and contains vitamins A, C, K, and B, which aid in the removal of nicotine from the body.

Green leafy vegetables

Spinach is the greatest green leafy vegetable since it is high in both vitamins and folic acid. Eat spinach if you’re pregnant and concerned about nicotine residue in your body.

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This red and delicious fruit improves blood circulation and raises the number of blood cells in the body. Eat pomegranates to lower your craving for nicotine.


This fruit aids in the removal of nicotine from the body. The fruit is high in vitamins A, C, and E. When you let go, the amount of vitamins in your body decreases.


Berries, notably strawberries, aid in the removal of nicotine and other poisons from the body.


Dehydration is caused by smoking. Many researchers believe that drinking more water will help you quit smoking and reduce nicotine levels in your body.

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