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What Type Of Diet Has A Beneficial Effect On Heart Health?

Danish researchers discovered that vegetarian and vegan diets lower cholesterol and blood fat levels, which raise the risk of a heart attack.

But, according to scientists, meat and dairy products have their own health benefits, and not all meat-free diets are healthy.

Since 1982, almost 2,400 people from all around the world have participated in 30 trials in which volunteers maintained a specific diet. High levels of poor cholesterol generate fatty deposits in the blood arteries, which can potentially lead to a heart attack or stroke.

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The results showed that vegetarian and vegan diets can:

  • Reduce bad cholesterol by 10%
  • Reduce total cholesterol by 7%
  • Reduce apolipoprotein B (the main protein in bad cholesterol) by 14%

Positive benefits have also been seen with the Mediterranean diet, which contains meat. Furthermore, doctors advise including more vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, and whole grains in one’s regular diet.

Reduced meat intake and a diversified diet are important for health, and these variables should be considered when deciding what to eat.

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