Add These Two Ingredients To Your Smoothie To Stay In Top Shape!

Smoothie are simply incomparable when it comes to healthy eating because they are convenient, simple to prepare, and include a variety of nutrients that we require. If you want to utilise it to keep your body in shape, you can mix it with ginger and green tea.


Ginger boosts metabolism and helps you burn calories. It suppresses the appetite, reduces the sense of hunger, and can dramatically reduce body fat. It goes well with fruits including bananas, pineapples, and strawberries. Add a liquid, such as yoghurt or orange juice, and stir until smooth.

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Green tea

Green tea includes antioxidants that boost metabolism and help to burn fat. Burning fat and eating more calories can help you lose abdominal fat over time.

Start with matcha powder if you’re not sure how to include green tea into your smoothie recipes. You may make it with almond milk, ripe bananas, honey, and, of course, high-quality matcha powder. For a particularly nutritious green tea drink, use brewed green tea as a liquid instead of matcha powder and add ingredients like avocado and spinach.

Although green tea and ginger can be beneficial, they are not magical substances that will make you lose weight overnight, but they are an excellent supplement to your diet.

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