How To Cure Cracked Heels – The Natural Way

Heels that are neglected are susceptible to cracking. Because of this, moisturizing is crucial, along with regular maintenance and care. Here are some suggestions on how to deal with cracked heels issues since summer is quickly approaching.

One of the body regions that is generally overlooked is the foot, which can result in painful heels. Unless there are more serious injuries or bleeding, there are no health dangers.

In some circumstances, such as diabetes or a weakened immune system, issues like these must be resolved quickly to prevent infection.

Foot creams are widely available in supermarkets and typically contain a lot of ingredients that might irritate the skin. Following are some of the most safe and efficient natural treatments that could be of assistance to you:

1. Soak your feet for around 10 minutes in a bowl of warm water. After thoroughly drying the feet, apply vegetable oil to the sore spots. Put on some socks, and if you can, spend the entire night wearing them. Your body’s heat will help the oil absorb and work more efficiently. The impacted areas will feel light again in a few days.

2. For around ten minutes, apply the pulp from a banana to your cracked heels. Clean your feet with water after washing. You can use this technique every day, and it is safe.

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3. To create a creamy texture, combine the banana and avocado or the coconut’s inside. Coconut and avocado are rich in soluble vitamins, which are great for the skin. This will also give your skin a lot of oils in addition to vitamins.

4. Soak your feet for around 10 minutes in lemon juice. The dead and superfluous skin will be removed by its harmless acid. For maximum benefit, exfoliate your feet while they are in the lemon juice.

5. A mixture of rosewater and glycerin helps cure and smooth up damaged heels.

6. It’s said that mustard oil and paraffin wax together will do wonders for your heels. Put on socks once more and let the mixture sit overnight. When you wake up, wash everything off. To see a complete transformation, you need about ten days.

7. Exfoliation is key to maintaining healthy heels. You may treat even the deepest heel fissures using a mixture of rice flour, honey, and cider vinegar. It is also advised to supplement the mixture with olive oil or sweet almond oil. After 20 minutes in warm water, gently apply the paste over your feet. Exfoliation and the removal of upper layers of dead skin are provided. Additionally moisturizing benefits come from the honey and olive oil.

8. In these circumstances, making your own foot cream might be very beneficial. In a tiny bottle, combine a few drops of lavender oil, lemon oil, and olive oil. Shake till it collides after adding the exact amount of water. Apply each day and don’t forget to shake the mixture before use.

9. A healthy diet also contributes to having healthy skin. eat foods rich in iron, zinc, and omega 3 fatty acids.

Never neglect taking care of your feet, and don’t let anything convince you otherwise.

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