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Foods To Avoid If Your Hair Is Falling Out

You are aware that what we eat and drink has a significant impact on the condition of our hair.

Even if eating isn’t always the cause of hair loss, it sometimes is. Nutrient deficiencies, as well as aging, stress, sickness, hormone fluctuations, specific drugs, and heredity, can all lead to hair loss.

However, specialists advise against eating some foods if you have hair loss.

Processed snacks

Nothing is better than munching on chips while watching TV while lounging on the couch. However, according to specialists on hair loss, some snacks that are high in sugar and sodium aren’t the ideal option.

“Chips contain a lot of fat, which might cause heart disease and hair loss. The best thing you can do to prevent hair loss is to stay away from foods high in salt and sugar. Dandruff and hair loss are known to be caused by these two components, “Amr Salem, a scalp micropigmentation specialist, explains.

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As a result, in addition to avoiding chips, you should also avoid sweets, sodas, and even some cereals.


You might believe that fish, which is a component of sushi, is a good source of protein for hair growth. This is true on the one hand, but not always.

Sushi itself doesn’t cause hair loss, but the high salt content it frequently has can contribute to it.

Protein makes your hair look greasy, and salt makes the scalp overproduce oil,” says Salem.

Green vegetables and eggs, which contain vitamin A, which encourages hair growth, are the greatest foods to eat for good hair. And choose sweet potato fries as your go-to healthy snack. It’s not a terrible idea to seek the opinion of a dermatologist if your hair loss is stressing you out and is excessive because they can better determine what’s causing the issue and help you create a plan that works for you.

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