With This Easy Drink Made of Just Two Ingredients, You Can Naturally Lower Cholesterol & Triglycerides

Particularly those with elevated triglyceride and cholesterol levels are advised to consume this light beverage. Try to solve or at least lessen your issue by making certain dietary adjustments before you begin any treatment.

If you battle with high cholesterol levels, we advise you to try this refreshing beverage created with very basic, readily available ingredients. Four celery stalks and six lemons are required to make this beverage.

According to laboratory research, the chemical butyl phthalate, which is present in celery, can reduce LDL, or bad cholesterol. According to University of Chicago studies, just two celery stalks daily can reduce cholesterol levels by up to seven times.

Additionally, celery encourages the release of bile acid, which helps the body remove cholesterol. The most popular fruit worldwide is the lemon. People view this citrus fruit as a superfood because it offers protection from a variety of diseases.

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If you can’t find lemons that haven’t been chemically treated, always make sure to give them a good cleaning.


  • Cut the lemons in chunks, and remember, use whole lemons, as the rind is rich in beneficial nutrients.
  • Peel and shred the celery. Add it to the lemon chunks and pour in a liter of water.
  • Leave the mixture for 24 hours, and strain using a gauze.
  • Keep the liquid in your fridge and drink about 50 ml before every meal.

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