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Homemade Remedy Made of 2 Ingredients To Get Rid of Stomach Bacteria And Balance Digestion

Every day, more and more people experience the effects of stomach bacteria, a condition requiring extensive time and effort to treat. The natural health solution that we shall explore in this article, however, is not widely known.

So what is the best treatment for people who have stomach bacteria? Olive oil and dried figs are a perfect treatment; give them a try.

Add some olive oil to the figs in the jar. Use only high-quality, organic oil; exercise caution. You can quarter the figs for better results.

For 40 days, let the figs soak in the olive oil. Every morning, before you eat or drink anything, take one fig.

If you are unable to wait that long, prepare two doses and take the first one after a week.

For best outcomes, carefully select your foods and modify your diet to the prescribed course of action.

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Nutrition tips

Eat foods that have been lightly or steam-cooked, and stay away from chili peppers and other spices. Additionally, you should stay away from fatty and acidic meals, particularly dried meat treats (we know this may be challenging, but once you see how much better you feel, you’ll quickly forget!)

Use high-quality, organic oil, preferably olive oil that has been cold-pressed.

Olive oil and dried figs work wonders for your health and condition when combined.

Many people who have tried this medicine claim that it can also treat bronchitis, asthma, hemorrhoids, infertility, digestive issues, constipation, and problems with the intestines.

You’re better!

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