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This Type of Cancer Spread Really Fast, But Many Think That is Only Stomach Acid

For unexplained reasons, the number of people receiving cancer diagnoses is rising quickly; according to analysts, this number will have increased by 140% by 2025. The issue with this type of cancer is that its signs and symptoms are ordinary, everyday issues like stomach acid or trouble swallowing.

Doctors caution that ignoring issues like stomach acid could have catastrophic repercussions by using the case of an American patient named Jau Rensberg as an example.

Jau battled stomach acid for a protracted period of time before his wife made him see a doctor. He was advised to undergo an endoscopy, a noninvasive check of the stomach and entire digestive tract, as taking heavy drugs only made his condition worse.

Jau underwent surgery after receiving a stomach cancer diagnosis.

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Rensberg was fortunate to receive a prompt cancer diagnosis. Due to symptoms like gastric acid or difficulty swallowing, stomach cancer is sadly not always detected in its early stages, which is why only 20% of patients survive.

Men are four times as likely than women to receive a stomach cancer diagnosis.

Professor of gastroenterology Michael Sprang of the University of Illinois College of Medicine argues that if gastric acid is your sole issue, there is no need to panic. Introduce some dietary adjustments and stay away from alcohol, coffee, and spicy foods.

You should perform an endoscopy sooner rather than later if the drugs do not help your problem.

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