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How To Full Body Cleanse From Toxins In 3 Weeks With Only 2 Things!

Even though body cleansing is extremely popular now, its advantages are still hotly debated.

For natural detoxification, proper cleansing and good lifestyle choices offer a number of health advantages. For best results, incorporate a straightforward detox regimen into your healthy lifestyle.

There are many additional factors you should take care of to live a healthy life, just like the decisions you make about your nutrition and physical exercise. These elements will help with a proper detoxification, and we show you how to achieve it in a straightforward and extremely efficient manner.

Your intestines process 40,000 liters of fluid and 100 tons of food over the course of 70 years, thus your digestive system is very active and busy. Cleanse your colon on a regular basis to help it keep a balanced flora. To do a good cleansing, try this incredibly simple, two-ingredient recipe.

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  • Kefir
  • Linseed Flour


  1. During the first week combine a tablespoon of linseed flour and 3.3 oz 100ml of kefir.
  2. In the second week combine 2 tablespoons of linseed flour and 3.3 oz / 100 ml of kefir.
  3. During week number 3, combine 3 tablespoons of linseed flour and 5 oz / 150 ml of kefir.


Because the flour spoils fast when combined with kefir, only prepare enough of the mixture to last for two to three days.

The third week marks the end of the body cleansing.

Your colon will be cleansed and in good health. Greetings from a healthy you!

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