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How to Prevent Kidney Stones from Forming

Nearly everyone who has kidney stones claims that it is the worst pain they have ever felt.

The likelihood of kidney stones reoccurring after therapy is rather high after you’ve had them. Therefore, the best treatment is always prevention.

The main piece of medical advise is to consume at least 2 liters of water each day. Huge amounts of fluids, particularly water and unsweetened teas, cut kidney stone occurrence risks in half.

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Water is particularly efficient because it cleanses the entire body, making it possible to readily remove some of the stones without their becoming sludge.

Additionally, doctors advise those who have kidney stones to limit their intake of red meat and oxalate-rich meals. Nuts, rutabaga, chocolate, and green leafy vegetables all contain oxalate. Tea and coffee can be consumed in moderation.
Reduced use of carbonated beverages containing phosphoric acid, which aids in kidney stone production, is also advised. Additionally, these beverages can dehydrate you.

Do you have any more advice for preventing this unpleasant occurrence?

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