Get Rid of Freckles And Brown Spots By Using This Amazing Natural Remedy

You may prepare an effective natural face lotion with lemon and parsley at home instead of spending a fortune on cosmetics. You can get rid of your freckles and blemishes on your own thanks to the miraculous properties of parsley.

Due to a variety of environmental causes, including aging, which makes the skin’s uneven pigmentation more obvious, skin imperfections like freckles and blemishes manifest themselves on the portions of the body that are most exposed to the environment.


  • 1 liter lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons fresh parsley
  • 150 ml distilled water
  • 50 ml alcohol (70%)


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The parsley leaves should be finely chopped before being combined with the alcohol and distilled water. After giving the mixture a good stir, cover the bowl and leave it stand for the night.

The liquid is strained the following day, and lemon juice is added. Place the mixture in a clean glass bottle and store it somewhere dark and dry. Every morning, apply this lotion to your hands and face after cleaning them.

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