Your Feet Hold The Key To Relieving Back Pain! Exercise For 15 Minutes With These 5 Activities

When it comes to our physical activity, specifically, our feet carry the largest load.

They enable our motions, thus they may frequently require particular attention to avoid hip, knee, or back pain.

Acupressure is a therapy that has been used for five millennia and is a crucial component of Asian medicine, especially Chinese medicine. It is carried out by applying precise finger placement and pressure to selected bodily parts or pressure points.

The meridians that the points follow are treated in acupuncture, as are the points themselves.

Therefore, by performing these 5 straightforward exercises, you may enhance your balance, strengthen your feet, and relieve pain:

1.Toe press

Make sure your legs are adequately warmed up before working out. Toe presses are a very effective tool for this. Standing, slightly flex the knees so the toes can grasp the ground. Hold there while counting to three. In 10 sets, repeat this three times each day.

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2.Toe Pencil Pickups

It’s a straightforward and basic exercise. Lift a pencil off the ground, hold it in place for ten seconds, and then let go. For both feet, perform the exercise five times.

3.Toe walking

You should try toe walking to strengthen the muscles, ligaments, and ligaments surrounding the balls of the feet. Simply move forward while on your toes for 20 seconds, rest for 15 seconds, and then repeat five more times. Do this twice each day for the best results.

4.Resisted Flexion

The little muscles in the foot that are involved in balance are the focus of this straightforward workout. Additionally, it will tighten the muscles and stop injuries.

Straighten the feet in front while seated on the floor, and then wrap an exercise band around the bedpost. The band should then be placed on top of the feet, and you should lean back to tighten it. After that, keep the position with the foot bent backward for 5 seconds, take a short break, and repeat 10 times.

5.Ankle circles

The ankles’ correct range of motion and flexibility are crucial. An overload of the body, which results in muscle and joint discomfort as well as hip, knee, and back pain, frequently causes tight and constricted ankles.

Extend the leg over the head and twist it clockwise while lying on your back. Repeat with the opposite leg as well, counting to ten.

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