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This Straightforward Beverage Can Help To Clear Mucus From Your Lungs And Instantly Strengthen Your Immune System

Our immune system, which guards against diseases and viruses as well as other bacteria that enter the body through food, is the last line of defense for our body.

To combat foreign bodies, the immune system’s tissues and organs cooperate.

Since breathing oxygen into the lungs and storing it there while exhaling carbon dioxide through the nose, the lungs are also crucial. However, if the nose is mucus-clogged, it affects the lungs.

The next beverage will boost your immune system and clear lungs of mucus. Both adults and children can use it, and it has immediate and noticeable results.

Children are especially susceptible to illness since they frequently play in the water, mud, and filth. However, as their immune systems mature, they become more resistant to different diseases.

However, coughs and colds are the most prevalent illnesses among kids. If these problems continue, there may be an accumulation of mucus in the lungs.

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Every day, our body produces around 1-2 liters of mucus. Although most of it is spit out, when a cold strikes, it clogs the breathing tubes and causes health problems, including allergies.

You should see a doctor if the condition persists and develops greenish in color or perhaps becomes mixed with blood.

The immune system lowers a variety of health hazards, including germs, parasites, viruses, and bacteria. It also protects against diseases and foreign bodies. It has lymph nodes, which make and store the cells that defend humans against viruses and bacteria.

The bone marrow is an additional organ that produces white blood cells and maintains stem cells, which can differentiate into any type of human cell.

The spleen, which uses white blood cells and regulates blood volume, is a component of the immune system. The immune system produces antibodies that kill viruses that could potentially cause disease.

Therefore, the following recipe will be of great help, as it boosts the immune system and eliminates excess mucus from the lungs:


  • 100 grams honey
  • 100ml water
  • 4 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 inch of ginger (grinded)
  • 50 grams oats


The oats should first be rinsed before being combined with water and ground ginger. After that, boil the mixture for a while. Add the honey and lemon juice once it has cooled, then leave it like this for the night. You can use the beverage for up to a week if you keep it in the refrigerator.


On an empty stomach, consume 30 to 40 cc of this beverage every morning. To strengthen your immune system, repeat this for 40 days. After a 15-day break, continue the treatment for a further 40 days. Children can also use it, and it will boost their defenses against all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

Also if you want to speed up the process of eliminating excess mucus from the lungs we highly recommend you to use steam:

  • Boil a pot of water and hold your face over the bowl and breathe in the steam for several minutes.
  • Cover your head with a towel to concentrate your exposure to the steam.

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