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Dust Mites In Your Bed Are Making You Sick, Kill Them With This Simple Solution

Small insects known as dust mites feed on dead skin cells and are found in carpets, beds, and all types of upholstered furniture. They can cause allergies, skin responses, and asthma-related problems.

According to research, even four out of five households have a dust mite infestation.

Runny noses, red, watery, or itchy eyes, swollen, blue skin beneath the eyes, sneezing, itchy mouth, throat, or nose, congestion, itchy nose, cough, and face pressure or pain are the most typical symptoms that dust mites are present in your home.

People who have asthma struggle to breathe, have difficulties sleeping, wheeze, have chest pain, and are more susceptible to colds than average.

Regular vacuuming and washing of the sheets will effectively keep dust mites at bay, but you should also clean the mattresses and pillows because they also hold dust mites. In fact, if your vacuum does not have a HEPA filter, the mites will return to your pillows and mattresses.

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To kill and deter dust mites, though, you can use this incredibly useful eucalyptus oil mixture.

How to make the eucalyptus dust mite remedy is as follows:


  • 15-30 drops eucalyptus oil
  • 2 cups distilled water


Spray the remedy all over the bedroom’s difficult-to-clean surfaces, then hang the items to dry in a warm, dry location. Humid environments encourage the formation of mold spores. To totally get rid of dust mites, do this three times every week.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that essential oils, particularly eucalyptus oil, are effective at eliminating dust mite infestations.

However, you should be aware that children under the age of 10 should not use this essential oil, therefore you should instead utilize some other risk-free options, such as fennel or clove essential oils.

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