5 Situations In Which It Is Best To Skip Training

We have read many times that if you do not need it, it is best not to miss the training and not to restrict your physical activity.

But there are some situations in which it is okay not to go to training and stay home to rest:

You’re under stress

We have long known that stress can also cause physical symptoms, which can only exacerbate the exertion. If you are stressed out, it is better to skip the workout instead of lying to yourself that it will calm you down.

You’re not sleeping

Sleepiness induces tiredness, irritability and fatigue, and then you become more sensitive, resistance becomes slightly lower, and concentration decreases. In this scenario, as in the first case, it is best to stay at home.

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You are sick

If you have discomfort, are cold, have a fever, or usually feel unwell, it’s more than a good idea to miss a workout because sweating will dehydrate you.

Muscle pain

This is more than a clear sign that, as you may be wounded, you should rest and not torment yourself any further.

You’ve had intense training lately

It is natural to rest and drop a few exercises while recovering strength and energy if you have been intensively preparing for longer races or competitions.

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