Constant Fatigue And Lack Of Energy Are Signs Of Depression

Functional depression does not have the status of an official medical diagnosis, but it is a good way to characterize people with a bad mood, low life energy and anxiety.

Life for these people generally looks like this – in the outside world they are productive, very successful, and when the work day is over they spend all their inner resources. Above all, they will choose to stay home rather than go out to dinner with friends. It is easier for them to get into bed, because tomorrow is a new day. This is how a person with functional depression looks like. Most of these people have dysthymia, known as persistent depressive disorder, low-grade depression characterized by fatigue and lack of energy.

They are often moody, but they don’t meet the more severe definition of classic depression. A dysthymia usually lasts two or more years, but it is struggled by people who have it and rarely talk about it.

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Diagnosis is difficult because it is subject to classical depression, so it is not recognized by people until emotionally burned.

Even people with various levels of depression, traditional, episodic, or a loss of interest in anything, can still be known as clinically depressed people.

As this condition can be treated, it is very important to seek professional help.

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