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All You Need To Know About Skin Hydration

Do you feel that a few pieces of your face are drying quicker than others? We will give you the privileged insights of skin hydration.

Why does my skin still cling to me despite regular hydration?

Your skin wants water. Contains an incredible 70% water and makes the body a protective barrier. However, even though you apply moisturizing care on a regular basis every day, there may sometimes be a feeling of tightness in some areas during the day. Scientists today believe the problem is far more complex than previously thought. Drying of the skin is not only a loss of water but also a poor distribution of water in the skin tissue. Recent clinical trials confirm that some areas of the face, such as the cheeks, buttocks, forehead and jaw, dry out much faster than others, which is logical because they are more exposed to environmental impact.

What is Unbalanced Hydration?

“Unbalanced skin hydration can hit women of all walks of life, with any skin type,” explains Florence Benecke. New research has revealed two cases of dry skin: reduced aquaporin: these proteins carry water from station to station. The number of aquaporin in the skin begins to decline (often due to aging and exposure to UV rays), it can disrupt the flow of water and dry skin, slower regeneration: this appears to damage the protective barrier of the skin and enable transfer of matter to the skin. Stress, environmental contamination and cigarettes quicken this procedure.

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How can I balance skin hydration?

You simply need to reactivate the progression of water into the skin for ideal hydration of the entire face. True, it sounds great in principle, however… where to begin? Items that keep up the skin’s hydration level and encourage water stream between stations are prescribed.

It is great for thermal water, which stimulates the circulation of water in the skin. An example is Vichy Thermal Water which contains 15 minerals that strengthen the skin and improve its quality and soothe sensitive skin, and has proven anti-oxidant properties for anti-aging.

Effective day creams often contain dry hygroscopic features that are meant to attract and retain water. Some sugars like hyaluronic acid help to replenish skin tissue, raise the level of humidity, some soothe the skin by creating invisible film on its surface, and others provide long-lasting hydration.

Can anything be done to raise the level of skin hydration?

When showering in the morning, use soft water – the warmer the skin, the faster it dries. Do vigorous sports – sweating opens the pores and stimulates the production of sebum and lipids that nourish and strengthen barrier skin. When on holiday, try salty seawater to avoid contact with your face, as it can exacerbate the harmful effects of sunlight and dry the skin. Shower after bathing in the sea!

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