A Feeling We All Have: Why Are People Angry When They Are Hungry?

Even the most humble people become angry when they are hungry. In particular, as time passes by since the last dinner, the measure of nutrients starts to decline and you become irritable.

Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats break down into simple sugars, amino acids, and free fatty acids. As time goes by since the last meal, the amount of these nutrients decreases, and when the blood glucose level drops to a critical level, the brain perceives it as a life-threatening situation.

The brain is dependent on glucose, and when it drops into the blood, simple things become difficult. You will not be able to concentrate, make mistakes in banal situations, and start talking unconnected.

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And besides, you will become lazy and everyone will consider you.

At the point when glucose levels tumble to as far as possible, the brain requests certain organs to synthesize growth hormones. One of those hormones is adrenaline, a stress hormone that is discharged into the circulatory system in all stressful situations.

The second reason why hunger is associated with anger is because both are controlled by the same genes. One of them is the neuropeptide Y that is released when we are hungry. This neuropeptide acts on various receptors in the brain, including the Y1 receptor.

In addition to controlling hunger, they also regulate anger and aggression.

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