Flaxseed And Water Work Wonders In 12 Days: Once You Know What You Can Do, You Will Use It Every Day

The combination of linen and water can aid with up to seven different skin issues…

Do you know that there is a home treatment that will make you forget who you are in 12 days? If you have wrinkles, try it as soon as possible.

Flaxseed, with its healing powers, contributes to the improvement of your subcutaneous tissue, rejuvenates fat cells, and restores that youthful aspect in the area around the cheeks, particularly in the thinnest and most prone to wrinkling parts of the skin around the eyes.

Pour a third cup of boiling water over a spoonful of flaxseed in a bowl, stir for a few minutes, then cover with a napkin and leave overnight.

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That night, drain the mixture. Use the gelatinous water mass that the flaxseed was suspended in.

This flaxseed solution should be used to a cleansed face and neck. You do not need to be concerned about the eye area; you may apply it there as well.

Apply the mask to your face one more when it has dried. This method should be repeated five times.

Effects of flaxseed mask:

– Raises facial features, tones and tightens the skin

– Reduces wide pores

– Hydrates the skin

– Reduces excess sebum on oily skin

– Helps prevent the formation of acne and remove pimples from the face

– Slows down the formation of wrinkles and eliminates the formation of thin lines on the face because it has properties that intensively slow down aging.

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