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8 Easy Ways To Burn 100 Calories

Did you fail to resist chocolate and snacks? Do not get excited!

Here are some tips for calming calories without even getting tired:

1.Walk a kilometer and a half

It is believed that a kilometer and a half is enough to burn 100 calories. Of course, the sooner you go or even run, the faster you accelerate the process. To specify the distance accurately, just use Google Maps on your phone. Enter an address from points A and B, and the application calculates how many kilometers there are between them. Or buy a pedometer – 2,000 steps is equal to a mile and a half.

2. Turn off your thirst with cold water

Do not drink only cold water, but drink it at once. 1 cup burns 25 calories because the body uses energy to heat it.

Allot evenly 8 glasses all day.

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3. Drink hot drinks

Not just cold beverages help you dispose of abundance calories, yet additionally the warm ones. Coffee, black and green tea stimulate the thoughtful sensory system, which causes burnout of calories. Medicinal examinations demonstrate that 3 cups of green tea consume every day somewhere in the range of 78 and 106 calories.

4. Stand more time upright

Endless hours of sitting at the office are harmful to the body. As you stand behind your desk, watch to move your feet (literally) as often as you can. During a long phone call, get up and take a walk through the room. At the end of the day you will have minus 100 calories.

5. Domestic obligations

Homework does not look as scary as you know how many calories can be removed. For example, a woman of 60 kg burns the following calories:

  • crushing bedding – 120 calories
  • watering plants – 90 calories
  • washing dishes – 90 calories
  • cleaning with a vacuum cleaner – 138 calories

6.Come on, jump

Wear a rope for jumping in the bag and use it whenever you have spare time. 2-3 times in 10 minutes and 100 extra calories disappear. In addition, jumping is fun and unloading from bad thoughts.

7. Dance like no one sees you

Were you eating a waffle instead of a fruit for a afternoon snack? Turn on the radio as much as possible and dancing for as long as you can 20 minutes. If your child is nearby, dance together.

8. Get out and play with your kids

Children are the best exercise partners. So a race in the family fun park. 30 minutes with Frisbee or 10 minutes on rollers burn 100 calories. Even when you hold the baby in your hands, use the time to do exercises or play “airplane”, throwing the child in the air easily. So move it further, and the child is pleased with the game with his mother.

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