How Many Glasses Of Water Is There In Just One Piece Of Watermelon?

One cut of watermelon is identical to a glass of water.

On the off chance that you ate two cuts of watermelon, or 380 grams, then consider that you drank two glasses of water.

At the end of the day, leafy foods, just as numerous different foods, contain water that can be included in the recommended daily intake.

Fruits and vegetables provide the necessary electrolytes, such as potassium and sodium, which are lost in sweating. That is why daily water intake also depends on your diet.

For example, if you eat larger amounts of salads and fruits than you would with a variety of meat-based foods, you will not have to consume so much water in a conventional way.

Take a look at how many percent of water some of the most popular groceries have made:

  • Pumpkins 97.8%
  • Cucumbers 96.4%
  • Melon 94.2%
  • Watermelon 94%
  • Tomato 93.4%
  • Milk 87.6%
  • Apricots 86.6%
  • Peaches 86.2%
  • Lettuce 84.5%
  • Tomatoes 81.8%
  • Green beans 80.5%
  • Grapes 79.3%
  • Eggs 74.8%
  • Olives 68%
  • Chicken 63.4%
  • Fish 60-65%
  • Beef 55%
  • Bread 30-33%

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