How Many Calories Can You Burn With Crossfit

In recent years, crossfit has become very fashionable among sports fans. It’s a methodology that shapes your body with its own weight, as a match between cardio and strength training.

The training sessions are very intense – at intervals and with very short breaks between them. There are between 5 and 10 basic exercises that can be modified in different ways. This type of sport is strongly desired as you can do it at home and you do not need to buy expensive appliances. In addition, there are a bunch of trainers that launch their programs online that you can practice for free at home.

Another plus is the fact that phosphorus helps burn many calories – more than you can burn in a track or cross-country gym. Analysts at Kensow University (USA) have discovered that with only 3 straightforward activities, they copy around 261 calories in 20 minutes!

“The whole training contains 3 exercises. They engage all muscle groups and are made at high intensity, making them highly efficient and burn a lot of calories, “says study author Brian Kieschevich.

Here’s what training itself is: Set the timer for 20 minutes. Make 5 lever ups, 10 push ups and 15 squats. It’s a round! Repeat until all 20 minutes have elapsed.

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