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The Benefits Of Olive Oil Usage

In the countries which have a long history of cultivating olives, and hence consuming olive oil in the daily diet is something natural, studies have shown that the incidence of cardiovascular diseases is much lower than in the other countries. Therefore, you should be aware of the more exact benefits that olive oil brings to your life:

–          it is extremely beneficial for the digestive tract – take one tablespoon of olive oil on an empty stomach, and the process of digestion will be eased; moreover, it helps relieve upset stomach, flatulence and heartburn.

–          For constipation – one teaspoon of olive oil, mixed with lemon juice, on an empty stomach, in the morning, works miracles for reducing your symptoms. Also, an enema made of five ounces of olive oil in twenty ounces of boiled water, reduced to lukewarm will be very helpful.

–          In cases of ulcer and gastritis – the simple usage of olive oil instead of your heavy, everyday salad dressing improves the digestive process.

–          In asthma or arthritis – since the olive oil is very rich in monounsaturated fats, your body will produce substances with an anti-inflammatory character. By reducing the inflammation, these fats will reduce the severity of asthma or arthritis symptoms.

–          Low levels of blood cholesterol have been associated with usage of olive oil instead of butter or other vegetable oils, in cooking, due to the same monounsaturated fats.

–          In case of ear complaints – put a few drops of lukewarm olive oil in the affected ear, then lie on the opposite side for five minutes, after which turn over, so that the olive oil can flow out again. If you experience earaches, soak a cotton pad in olive oil, and then add 5 drops of lavender oil. Place it loosely in your outer ear until the pain is lessened or disappears.

–          For prevention of hair loss – massage the scalp with olive oil for eight nights in a row and let it overnight. Wash out in the morning.

Despite these obvious benefits, be careful and consume olive oil with moderation (not from the bottle!).

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