Shatavari Best Cure For Infections

This plant is used for the treatment of female problems on genital organs and their refresher, gastric, intestinal and nerve diseases. This is all females plant because is natural aphrodisiac, libido booster, ironing menopause problem, and cure for infections, vaginal pH controller. Also pregnant women use Shatavari for morning sickens.

But men use this plant also.

Like Impotence cure, inflammation of generals, digestive helper, regenerate the muscles etc.shatavari

It is effective against heartburn, stomach ulcer and pains, vomiting, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea and dysentery. It has a beneficial effect with bronchitis and on the respiratory system

It cleanses the blood and prevents anemia. Scientists have discovered that protects blood cells of bone marrow.

Stress prevention, and is excellent for anyone whose body or mind is under increasing pressure.

It is eaten in many ways, but the most commonly available as a dried root, powdered.

The powder is consumed as juice, mixed with water or milk, cooked and added honey, if desired.

From shatavari drafted oil which is massaged body for strengthen muscles and reduce pain in lumbago.

Fresh leaves are used for the preparation of the paste that is applied from the outside to facilitate skin problems.

 Preparation and dosage

Shatavari Tea to balance hormonal and genital tract

1-2 teaspoons of powder put in the 0.3 Liter boiling water and cook a little. Put honey or brown sugar. This tea can be taken 1-2 times daily.

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