How To Prevent Common Colds

Are you tired of this? I am pretty sure this is an analogy that everyone makes. This however can be very easy to prevent without the help of pills and napkins. Yes, it is true, no one has found so far a cure for the common cold but there are ways to keep it at bay.

What happens when you get a cold? The virus that produces the symptoms which we call “cold” is a virus that can be found in the body of all human beings. You might ask yourself well if this is true then why aren’t we all sick, all the time? In order to “catch a cold” the virus must divide and increase in numbers, fact which is possible only when the body defenses are down due to different factors such as : cold weather, humidity , moist and so on.

How to keep your immune system up and running all year in order to prevent a cold?

Sports – it is very interesting what effect that they have on the body. Oxygen is consumed at a higher rate, the muscles contract and relax very fast, the body warms, the metabolism raises considerably. This is why people that jog during winter don’t usually catch a cold.

Vitamins – considered so far one of the most effective component in the defense of the body. This is true especially for vitamin C which boosts your immunity. If you don’t like taking supplements you should consider eating citruses all year round since they contain lots of vitamin C.

Colder showers – even if it seems counterproductive. starting to take colder showers starting in autumn, at least, will lead to a better metabolism by influencing your thyroid gland.

Saunas – can have a great overall effect especially after sports. Because of all the sweating your body losses a lot of bacteria through the skin.

Antibiotics – no, not for treating a cold! Most people jump straight to antibiotics when they get a cold; wrong! The more antibiotics you take the more resistant the virus will become to them over time

All of this coupled whit a good hygiene, a normal diet and a good sleeping habit can keep you away from that threatening cold.

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