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What Do The Lines On The Palm Mean?

Esotericists, palmists, and others involved in magic think that the lines on the hand can reveal a lot of information about the future as well as the present. In theory, anyone can decode the meaning of the lines on their own; all that is required is knowledge of their placement and the basis of interpretation.

What do the lines on the palm mean?

Palmists distinguish between active and passive hand concepts. The hand with which a person writes is referred to as the active hand. Inherent properties are indicated by lines on the passive side. The other palm will reflect all departures from one’s innate attributes that have manifested throughout one’s life. If the two palms are drawn considerably differently, the person’s activities have altered dramatically.

Which main lines on the palm say:

1.Heart line. At the top of the palm, there is a horizontal line. It can tell you how healthy your heart is, both physically and emotionally. The lack of a line indicates that a person employs intellect rather than emotions in everyday life.

2.Head line. It is also horizontal, but in the middle of the palm. With its help you can find out about the state of the brain, the style of communication and the thirst for knowledge. If there is no line, then the person is lazy and slow. A short line shows that the person does not want to spray and always talks about the merits.

3.Line of life. It starts in the area between the thumb and forefinger and moves down. It affects a person’s vigor and ability to make key judgments. The lack of a line suggests that the person is irritated and tense on a regular basis.

4.Line of destiny. The vertical line begins near the palm’s base and goes through the center. This line, by the way, is not at all. It has the power to determine one’s success, career, and vocation. The line depicts how a person’s fate is influenced by uncontrollable factors.

Other lines on the palm – the value of the lines on the hand

On the palms you can see a number of lines next to the four main ones, which we have already talked about. Many destinies are transmitted through secondary lines, which will also tell you very important information.

What do the secondary lines on the palms mean:

1.Health line. It starts under the little finger and runs completely over the palm, ending at the bottom of the thumb. They learn about their health and financial situation while on the phone. The absence of a line indicates that the person’s health is good. He has a knack for making money, as evidenced by a well-marked line.

2.Line of fame. It starts at the base of the palm and extends all the way to the index finger. We’ll learn what this line on the palm represents and how to use it to predict a person’s social success. There are various ups and downs in the intermittent line.

3.Marriage line. A small line or a few small stripes, located just below the little finger. Clear lines – marriages and weak novels. The closer the strips are to the base of the little finger, the later this connection will appear.

4.Money line. This vertical line normally runs through the palm’s middle, but it can be anywhere. It reflects a person’s financial ability.

5.Travel line. Short horizontal lines are located on the edge of the palm, on the hill opposite the thumb. They symbolize journeys that radically change a person’s life. If these lines intersect, then there may be travel problems.

There are many more lines in your palm, but they are unimportant in human existence and should not be considered in a broad analysis.

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