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A Short Massage That Will Relieve You Of Foot Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain in the arches of your feet, you are not alone – your “suffering” is shared by at least two million people around the world.

Pain can be caused by many factors, including uncomfortable footwear, standing for too long, improper posture, and even running in inappropriate sneakers. If not treated in time, the pain can become chronic.

If you recognized yourself in the description, then you must talk to your orthopedist. You may need to wear special shoes or put a shoe insole to hold your foot properly. There are also night dressings that relieve pain.

You may also relax your foot after several hours of wearing unpleasant or tight shoes with a simple and short yet effective massage that you can do yourself every day.

There are three steps to getting a good massage.

Massage your fatigued feet as soon as possible after bathing, showering, or soaking them in a warm water basin. Your foot is already warm and relaxed as a result of this.

  1. Massage your feet with a hydrating massage oil or basic foot cream.
  2. Massage the entire foot for 20-30 seconds with up and down strokes along the length, using medium to strong pressure.
  3. Then, for about two minutes, massage simply the arch with higher pressure and straight up and down movements.

This massage improves circulation and relieves arch tension. After massaging the arch, apply a cold compress for around 15 minutes.

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