Five Places Where Allergens Are Hidden In Your Home

It is likely that avoiding nature and closing homes will not be enough to soothe allergens because they are there right. These are areas in the home that you may never pay attention to, but you will surely feel relief if you clean them properly.

  1. Bed linen – As comfortable and clean as you may be, bed linen can be a real bed of microorganisms (grits) that can worsen the condition of people with allergies. The bed is a very fertile environment for breeding all microorganisms, as it is usually warm. To avoid breeding, it is important that you do not breed as soon as you get up. Wait for a while outside the open window to ventilate the sheets and the surface will dry. Also change the bedding at least once a week.
  2. Floors-it’s never enough to dust them. As the microparticles are easily caught in the narrow parquet slits, the laminate and even the tile joints, the floors will not be adequate for an allergen-free home to vacuum or jog. Use a steam cleaner to disinfect and enter the smallest recesses in the floor is safest. Fungi, bacteria, and other impurities are destroyed by prey water, but without chemicals.
  3. Windows – it is not enough just to wash the window panes, but also all its parts such as the frame and door handle. Pay attention to the top that you can access only if the window is open. If you have mosquitoes, pay attention to cleaning as they are very allergenic.
  4. Pets – a pity that pets just can’t clean off the floor, but there is a solution for them. Dogs who enjoy the greenery on a daily basis while hooking up on their fur attach a pollen and bring it home. To reduce intake, brush your pets regularly.
  5. Walls-Walls can be a source of unpredictable allergens in addition to the dust and cobwebs that are constantly being created. When signs of allergies continue to concern you, and you’ve recently restored the walls, try to find out what colors you’ve used. Use volatile organic compounds at low levels is ideal.

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