Antibiotic Diet That Helps With Infections In The Body

We also know that white rice, white sugar and dairy products are the main enemies of fungal infections with the exception of yogurt and kefir.

Yeast infections, of course, also requires treatment, but with proper nutrition, you can improve the effect.

Next, low-carbohydrate foods like chicken and turkey, fish, nuts, and non-starchy vegetables need to be eaten.

White sugar, sucrose, fructose, maltose, glycogen and all other sugars found in desserts are not allowed. The same is true for fruits, especially dried and canned ones.

Discard dietary and yeast products, and those containing vinegar. Obviously, you need to throw out the mushrooms as well. Peanuts and pistachios should also be avoided.

Alcohol can also stimulate the growth of fungi, so you should throw it out in every possible variant.

Drink water and herbal teas rather than coffee and black tea. Except for pork, salami and canned meat products, meat products are allowed.

For a limited time, eat cheeses that contain low-fat lactose and drink low-fat yogurt that contains beneficial bacteria.

Just lemon is the best fruit and diluted with a greater quantity of water. Exclude starchy products from vegetables, as already described, and use those with a high percentage of fiber such as legumes, broccoli, cabbage…

You should eat rice in moderation, but only whole grain, and white can be avoided.

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