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Blood Clots Are A Serious Health Problem, Watch Out For These Symptoms

A blood clot, also known as coagulation, is used to stop bleeding. When blood clots appear without causing physical harm to the body, however, they may indicate other major medical issues. The blood flow in the subcutaneous tissue causes the change in color of the skin, i.e. the appearance of bruises. These signs and symptoms point to the presence of a potentially deadly blood clot.

Leg soreness or tenderness is a common symptom, with the pain being characterized as cramping at times.

If you have an unexplained cough, see your doctor right away.

Chest pain on deep breathing: if you have this symptom you may have a blood clot in your lungs.

Red streaks on the skin: Bruises are a form of blood clot, but if you notice red streaks along the veins, then this is not a normal bruise.

Red or dark discoloration of the foot: Red or dark spots on your skin that appear for no reason can be a symptom of a blood clot in your leg. You may also feel tingling and heat in this area, and even pain as you stretch your fingers upwards.

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