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6 Tough, But Necessary Exercises For Developing Love For Oneself

The truth is, we all want to improve. The difference in how much we dare to do in that process. Do you refuse the work that you need to do? Are you actively moving for a better life? Have you simply accepted that there may be no better than this? In the end everything comes down to you. You have much more power to change your life than you think. This starts with working on yourself and developing a love for yourself. See how to do this.

1.Note the things that you have over-grown, but you are still holding onto

This is much more than your clothes, but you can start cleaning the wardrobe. Ask yourself what is not allowing you to mature. These may include friends, relationships, bad habits, addiction … Find out what it is and clean the wardrobe.

2.Listen to how you talk about people around you

Do you sound happy and support them, or do you sound jealous and bitter? This is a direct reflection of your feelings towards yourself and your life. A great way to go on the right path is to talk positively about the person you are, the person you want to become and the people around you.

3.Listen to what people say about you

Are they scoffing at others’ success? Do they constantly complain? Do you discourage or support you? This can be a difficult decision, but it is key to your mental health. If someone is hurting you in any way, it’s best to get away from it.

4.Find a positive feature in every person you once loved

This can be a really difficult task. But it will not only relieve you of anger and guilt, but will allow you to focus on what you want in the next or the current relationship. If it helps you, instead of a feature, you can focus on all the things you’ve learned about yourself from these links.

5.Make a difference between what you really want and what you “need” to want

You are often convinced that you want something because they love others or you think it should. The truth is if you really want something, you will not stop until you get it. You will deal with all the difficulties and twists and you will invest time and money. This requires a lot of effort, so make sure you are honest with yourself when it comes to your goals.

6.Discover in which parts of life you want improvement

Stop feeling bad because you want financial security. Loving more money does not make you an evil or shallow person. Stop feeling bad because you want a stable relationship or want to be a single. It does not mean that you are a person difficult to love. The only thing you should feel bad about is neglecting and suppressing your real wishes for someone else.

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