What Can House Rice Serve?

Rice is not only a tasty and nutritious foodstuff. It can be many other things. What can we still use the rice in the household?

To clean the coffee mill

Put a handful of rice grains in a coffee grinder and put it at high speeds. Crude rice has the ability to absorb all the scents and oils that remain after each use.

For removing moisture from salt

Pour several grains of rice into the sunflower. In this way, if it contains some amount of moisture, with rice in the salt, it will be removed. Rice collects moisture and thus makes the salt easy to spray.

For removing moisture and electronics

How many of you have poured a phone or a laptop with water?

Pour 1-2 cups of raw rice into the pan. Soak in the dampened device. If it is bigger you will need a greater amount of rice. In a similar way to the sun, rice accumulates excess moisture in the moistened device and returns it to life again.

To remove stains from silverware

Silver eclipses with time. To protect them from stains, rinse with rice. Put it in a silver object in a rice bowl, and it will absorb the excess strains. Then simply wash the silver object with water and a damp cotton towel and dry.

For the prevention of rust

Metal tools, exposed for a long time to air and moisture rust. To prevent this, put the instruments in a bucket full of rice. All the time he will collect excess moisture and protect the instruments from rust.

For compression

If you do not currently have sea salt for compression, rice does the same thing. Preheat in a dry pan 2 cups of rice. Put them in cotton or wool socks and place compression on the affected area. Keep it while the rice cools down.

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