Fresh breath

Natural And Cheap Recipes For Fresh Breath

Other than the great toothpaste and chewing gums, these natural recipes will keep your fresh new and wonderful …

The primary weapon in the battle against the unsavory smell from the mouth are healthy teeth, proper diet, avoidance of harmful habits and general health. But you can still ask for help from nature …

Investigate these three recipes to help keep your breath fresh

Rinse water

You can make water for rinsing your mouth from the wormwood. Take a wormwood at the top of a spoon and pour it over with boiled water. Let it stand for 20-25 minutes, so strain. With this tea you can wash your mouth 3- 4 times a day.


Drain the juice of ½ lemon, hold it and stir in the mouth, then swallow. Then drink a glass of yogurt. With this intercom you can keep your breath fresh throughout the day.

Mint and basil

Chew a sheet of fresh mint because it will bring instant refreshment in your mouth. Leaves of fresh basil are also a good solution, which will make your breath fresh.

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